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Monday, May 17, 2010

How To..?

How To Play A Bass Guitar For Beginner?
1.WHO AM I-A Bass Player
2.WHAT IS IT-A bass guitar
3.WHAT FOR-to teacher beginner how to play bass
4.1st task-knowing the basic of bass guitar(2-4steps)
5.2nd task-step on playing a bass guitar(4-5steps)
6.3rd task-practice more on playing bass tab(4-5steps)
7.OUTCOME-enjoy playing bass

How to breathe like a taichi?
1.WHO AM I-author
2.WHAT IS IT-chinese martial art 
3.WHAT FOR-health benefits and defence
4.1st task-basis stance(2-4steps)
5.2nd task-breathing(4-5steps)
6.3rd task-defence stance4-5steps)
7.OUTCOME-better health

How to be a rocker?
1.WHO AM I?-author
2.WHAT IS IT? a rock musician
3.WHAT FOR?look cool
4.1st task-dress up(2-4steps)
5.2nd task-know how to rock(4-5steps)
6.3rd task-play rock song(4-5steps)
7.OUTCOME-famous rocker

How to catch a rat?
1.WHO AM I?-author
3.WHAT FOR?made people impress
4.1st task-understand the mouse nature(2-4steps)
5.2nd task-trap(4-5steps)
6.3rd task-dispose(4-5steps)

Tutorial Webdesign1

How To Code Up A WebDesign from PSD To HTML

How To Convert A Photoshop Mockup Into XHTML/CSS

Website for WebDesign1

website that i think is good




Saturday, January 16, 2010

15 Jan 2010

So here i am bk to using blog again gt alot of thing happening during holiday at johor
During my holiday,i have learned some Muay Thai although the workout is quite tiring.Two lessons per week in one month.I watched some movie like twilight new moon and storm warrior.Apparently the movie sucked and my uncle told us who actually the one planned to say watch tis bored movie.I also went to my cousin art school exhibition.Soon will post the pic of all the artwork.Then we went to sungai lembing near kuantan. Three day of falling rain during our trip.I will post the pic of our trip later on.During the closing day of school reopening,i went bk to my hometown kluang to pray for our grandmother and it happened my sis came bk frm Japan and bought me the whole series of "Death Note" manga shonen Jump...ORIGINALL!!!!! XD compared to malaysia the manga are all chinese cant even read....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

January 2010( Coming Soon!!!)

I will nt update anything until the coming of January....i will be going bk to johor with my aunty instead of going to New Zealand with parents yea i noe i am sacrificing this huge chance of going to New Zealand but i understand there is yet a huge price to be paid to achieve my i am going to clear my mind,train my body and mind to be one so that i am fully aware of thing that i will be prepared for it....Determination is like a seed ,it knt grow if u dun put ur heart to growing it but I ,myself nid to do it and create tis miracle.I pray that one day i will achieve tis reward and be proud of wat i've done.